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25th anniversary specials below:

Talbot County Maryland


The New River Valley

Smith Mountain Lake

Here below we have posted some of our classics over the years


Title :JBO Featuring Drummer Bill Bruford

JBOTV Classic

Probably one of my favorite musicians is none other than legendary percussionist Bill Bruford. Bill was one of the founders of the Progressive Rock era and played with such groups as Yes, Genesis, UK, King Crimson, and of course his own Jazz band Earthworks. I invited Bill on our show and was excited to say the least when he accepted. He flew from London to meet us at Dullas, then drove to the Bay for four days of fishing and fun. The days I spent with Bill and his son Alex were so memorable I wrote a chapter called “Roundabout” regaling the experience in my autobiography HOOKED. Later to my surprise when I read Bill Brufords autobiography he had written about his experience on our show. I was of course honored beyond belief. Here is the show we pretty much dedicated to Bill Bruford. He told me many incredible stories about Yes and said I really should have Rick Wakeman on our show. Bill thought we would get along fab.

This trip made an impression on Bill for several reasons. He had played too sold out crowds at the Hampton Coliseum touring, but never spent any time in the area. When we took him out on our 24 CC and went hauling butt at 50mph across the Bay Bill was ecstatic. This was his first real boating experience. When we went fishing, Bill caught a nice four pound Flounder, and it was the first fish that he had ever caught in his life. He was amazed and had an absolute ball! We all did.

I remember sitting on the flybridge with Bill, his son Alex, my son Ben and chatting. Bill ask, “So Jim, this is what you do? Hang out, fish, smoke cigars, cook, sip on cocktails and generally have a good time?” I told Bill very clearly, “As much as I can get away with!”

My son ask Bill, “Why did you leave Yes, don’t you miss playing to those sold out stadiums?”

Bill replied,”Ben…. your dad said you were in a school play, did you enjoy it?”

“Yes I did.”

“How many times did you have to preform the play?”

“We performed the play four times, and enjoyed doing each one.”

“Now Ben, imagine having to do that play 5000 times. Would you still enjoy it??”

“Ugggggggg, I see your point Bill.”

We all laughed and mixed another cocktail.



Title :Blackbeard Festival

JBOTV Classic

Jim Baugh Outdoors travel features have highlighted many destinations from Baltimore Maryland, the New River George, all the way down to Key West. Many locations have invited our program back to their area due to the popularity of our travel features. One such location was Hampton Virginia where the show was so successful at promoting the area, in corporation with Hampton CVB we based out of the Hampton Waterfront for eleven years. This program is good example of how we feature a travel destination. Highlighting the area attractions that interest the traveler and sportsman has always been an important pat of JBO TV Programming. This show also features the popular annual Blackbeard Festival and a tourism segment during the Producers Note. Over the first 25 years in production JBO TV Has featured over 28 destinations in Virginia and also produced travel features throughout Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.



Title :Buckroe and Grandview Piers, Lost

JBOTV Classic

This show was filmed in 2002 & 2003. It was the last footage of Buckroe Pier ever captured on film. The show was produced in cooperation with Hampton CVB to promote the areas historical pier fishing and attractions. Shortly after both Grandview and Buckroe Pier were lost in Hurricane “IZZY”. Jim Baugh Outdoors also was contracted to film the destruction that hurricane Isabel caused wrecking havoc in areas of the city.mapizzy Jim Baugh was then commissioned to write an article about the storm for Motor Boating magazine and chronicled what it was like to live and stay on a boat during the storm in downtown Hampton. Many homes, properties and business were destroyed due to the storm and our area lost power for one week. Our boats had generators in them so we fared pretty well considering the conditions. Gasoline was a problem for motorist because the loss of electric power. During that week, I was only able to drive to Richmond Virginia to be with my family by siphoning gas out of our Pursuit Show Boat and putting the siphoned fuel in my Suburban. True Story.

Since then Buckroe Pier has been rebuilt and sturdier than ever.



Title : Pig and Padle

JBOTV Classic

This is a program dear to me because it was an outing we did annually down the James River with family and friends. We all would get our canoes plus hook up with an outfitter and paddle down the James River. The end of the trip was celebrated with a pig pickin at my house on SalsburyLake. This particular show had a lot of my favorite people in the world, both my kids Ben and Casey, Joe Dudly, Captain Earl, and of course Page Wilson and the Reckless Abandoned. The “Goin fishing” tune in the middle of the show I recorded live when Page and the boys were playing on the deck at the after paddle pig party. I miss old Page, RIP. This show also takes you down to Hatteras Village for some fishing off of Ocracoke and Claming behind Hatteras Village. Fun stuff. Enjoy. JB



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