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Mermaid Bay Productions LLC


Mermaid Bay Productions Inc. & Mermaid Bay AIR

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Mermaid Bay AIR specializes in cinematic aerial (UAS) video \ photography complete with editing & color grading, FAA certified, insured, incorporated and licensed. Mermaid Bay air adheres to strict FAA guidelines part 107 and is based on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

We provide aerial services for a variety of projects ranging from television shows, education & safety videos as well as real estate.

Rates $175 per hr. \ $1250 per day

(2hr minimum includes data transfer, flight plan, & mastering)

*For real estate, discount packages are available for multiple listings. Just contact us and let us know the number of properties you are interest in. Packages are turnkey and include editing, music, field and post production



Mermaid Bay Productions

Rate: Non Linear Editing & Field Production $110 per hour \ $950 per day

Scripting $45 per hour

Original Soundtracks \ Audio sweetening \ Voice Over per quote

Consulting $35 per hour

(All rates include travel within Northampton County Virginia. Outside the area travel is additional and based on 1\3 hourly rate plus expenses.)


Even with the continuous evolution and dynamic production changes in the film, television, and audio world, the most important aspects of what make a great film, video, or audio project has not changed.

Composition is key –that essential play of concept, storyboarding, scripting, original soundtrack, sound design, and mastering.  We are keenly aware that the successful execution of these elements is what will take your project from ordinary to exceptional.


As a turnkey, all-in-one production service, we can cut your costs and provide the continuity needed throughout the production process, providing you the timely delivery of a quality film, video, or audio project.

45 years in audio composition and production, 30 years in television broadcast and production, and over 500 published works including three novels

–we can bring all this creative and technical experience to your

Whether you need an original soundtrack for your indie film, want your Go Pro footage professionally edited, or have any litany of other production requests, put our successful track record to work for you.

Let us Turnkey your next project into a success!


Jim Baugh

CEO Mermaid Bay Media Inc.

President Mermaid Bay AIR

Bachelors of Science Electronic Music

Virginia Commonwealth University

FAA certified R.P.A.


USA 804-240-7577





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