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Jim Baugh Benefit Concert for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra is now up online!

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Jim Baugh Benefit Concert for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra is now up online!

Here is the full concert, also under our Live Piano Concert tab here on the site there is also some selected tracks. We appreciate everyone’s support and raising some much needed funds for PYO. Godspeed, Jim Baugh

New JBO TV Logo Celebrating 25 yrs

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Announcing Jim Baugh Outdoors TV new logo! 


To celebrate our 25th anniversary it was time for a bold, new logo to take us into the next quarter century. Many changes have occurred during our first 25 years. Gosh, my two kids literally grew up on the program. Now an empty nester like many of you, Jim Baugh Outdoors will reflect our new lifestyle along with our outdoor adventures. The show’s focus will be more coastal in nature. As we highlight the rich bounty of our offshore waters, we will also include all the marvelous attractions you can savor along the seaboard with our “Lure of the Shore” segments. Because you have enjoyed JBO’s unique mix of outdoors adventures, cooking and travel tips, these will continue to be at the forefront of our programming.

So how to capture all this in a logo you don’t get a headache looking at? The best logos are simple and still convey the message you want the audience to get –and that ain’t simple. We love our many loyal fans but we do not have any illusions we are as famous as “Apple” or “Nike”. A stand-alone fruit or swish sign was not going to say it. We needed to contain the show’s name in our logo.

Associate producer Donna Bozza and I discussed how we wanted the JBO logo to have a clean, contemporary look that would adequately represent our show. Lots of editing, hair pulling [more so Donna than me] and we think we integrated the central coastal theme in a simple yet compelling way. A fist bump to Donna for envisioning a cool wave in our Outdoors “O”. Its fun and JBO is all about that.

We look forward to bringing you a blast of new adventures in our 25th year of broadcasting. We will feature six JBO TV specials during 2014 with new programming and new markets targeting the East Coast prime television markets. Stay tuned –more info and fun to come!

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