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Mid Atlantic Boat Show Virginia Beach Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

New Show Open 2017 Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

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Jim Baugh’s Column Jan 2017 Coastal Angler Magazine In Stores Now

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Bringing in the New Year with sweet potato ham biscuits and Coastal Angler Magazine. Great stuff!

Also check out a sneak a peak at some of our Rockfish features over on our channel, links below.

Great season with quality Rocks. Definitely the year for quality over quantity.


Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout 2016










Congrats to Captain Jake Hiles and Crew! 2016 winners of the Shootout!

Monster Rockfishing with Captain Clint Lessard Chesapeake Bay Tourney Week December 2016

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Monster Rockfishing with Captain Clint Lessard feature JBOTV. Hot out of the studio, this was just filmed yesterday Chesapeake Bay.. Wishing everyone safe travels during this coming huge Rockfish week…See everyone at the Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout. JBOTV will be filming from the Eastern Shore out of Cape Charles. See ya! Enjoy this!

Jim Baugh Outdoors Rockfish Roundup Fishing Tourney Promo for Dec 2016

Wreck diving with Captain JT Barker the Grave Yard of the Atlantic WW2 ships Dixie Arrow and the Abrams

JBOTV 2016 dive feature with captain JT Barker out of Hatteras NC. Featured WW2 wrecks are the Dixie Arrow and the FW Abrams. Also live Cuda footage. Filmed Aug 2016 Full feature will air on NBC Sports and also is now posted on the JBOTV You Tube Channel. The show also sports an original soundtrack with an additional instrumental for piano and cello called “Dixie Arrow” which is heard during the underwater footage of named wreck. We hope everyone will have the opportunity to dive these incredible wrecks and going with Captain JT you will experience one of the best dive boats and crew on the East Coast. Great dive, 100 foot vis, and the bonus is his boat Under Pressure docks right at the Villas of Hatteras Landing. Awesome place to stay while enjoying Hatteras Village. If you like diving, this is one not to miss.

JBOTV Presentation and Appearance Queen of the Bay Fishing Tournament “What you see above and below”

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Jim Baugh Outdoors will be filming underwater at the Cape Charles Fishing Pier for the Queen for the Bay Fishing Tournament Thursday July 28th. Located at the end of the Fishing Pier, Jim will have a large monitor set up and underwater cameras so the audience can see what’s swimming beneath them. Three will also be Moon Lights at different depths that will attract even more species of fish to view. Also “Solstice Moon” the JBOTV film of the rare summer solstice and strawberry moon will also be playing at the end of the pier. Jim will show you the stars and constellations on the screen, and then locate them in the night sky for the viewing audience.

Below flyer from the tournament




Jim Baugh Outdoors Summer Update 2016

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Jim Baugh Outdoors Summer Update 2016

(To view on JBOTV blog Click Here)


It’s been a super, busy spring with some of the best fishing we have seen in years, plus a once in a lifetime astrological event filmed by JBOTV. Here we go!

Solstice Moon Project and Astral Navigation

JBOTV is producing show segments highlighting introductory tips for celestial navigation. To kick-off this production we filmed an astrological event only happening once in a lifetime, the summer solstice and full solstice moon. Over 28 days, the exhausting production resulted in 300+ hours of filming including over 56,000 photos. Share the thrills of this celestial phenomenon, visit our JBOTV blogsite: Solstice Moon.


Jim Baugh Outdoors Channel News

JBOTV launched its new YouTube channel only 10 months ago pushing viewership now over 105,000 with over 196 subscribers. Just in the last 28 days, over 633 hours of JBOTV has been streamed to the public. The top three ways people watch JBOT TV: 1) on computer 2) smartphone 3) TV. We have posted some samples of the top twenty most watched shows on our JBOTV blog. Enjoy.



Inshore and offshore on location JBOTV \ Captain Jim Memorial Sea Bass Event

Jim Baugh Outdoors has done some fast and furious, fun filming covering inshore flounder fishing from Wachapreague on the Eastern Shore, as well as offshore deep dropping for Sea Bass during the Captain Jim Brincefield Memorial Sea Bass Tournament. The finished edited segment highlighting this sea bass event is finished post production and will air NBC Sports later this year. For now, it can be viewed on our channel Click Here. Stellar day of fishing that started off with two yellow fin tuna landed in the boat.


Coastal Angler Magazine, Catchin’ and Cookin’ with Jim Baugh

The JBOTV monthly column in Coastal Angler Magazine featuring boating, fishing, and cooking is swamped with recipe requests. We will do our best to get as many out there as possible and continue to try and tie in our catch with a delicious recipe. Always a good cooking resource is Jim’s Galley Blog loaded with hundreds of our popular recipes. Pick up your free copy of Coastal Angler Magazine at an outdoor retailer nearest you. A great read!


CBES Between the Waters Bike Tour and Oyster Roast on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

The nonprofit that helps protect the waters of Virginia’s Eastern Shore -Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore – has opened registration for their 24 Annual Between the Waters Bike Tour. Saturday, October 22 with 4 Routes from 25 -100 miles. Ridership capped at 1,000 entries. Reserve your spot now. For registration click here. To view last year’s feature on JBOTV click Here. This show also featured mountain biking in Denver Colorado, diving in Costa Rica, and drum fishing out of Hatteras NC.


Upcoming filming locations:

  • Offshore wreck fishing and diving Hatteras North Carolina


In August, JBOTV will venture offshore with Captain JT Barker to explore some of the world’s best diving and fishing wrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic, Hatteras NC. JBOTV underwater cameras will capture what sea life looks like on some of the most notorious WW2 Wrecks. Also during this filming expedition JBOTV will film the Milky Way and produce a segment on celestial navigation. This feature will broadcast as a part of our 2016 series. Look for it online in September.


  • Wild Barrier Islands, Eastern Shore


JBOTV will be hooking up with Captain Meriwether Payne from Seaside Ecotours traveling to the uninhabited Barrier Islands on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. These skinny waters will be traversed in the Captain’s new Carolina Skiff Charter Boat and depart out of Wachapreague, Virginia. Discover with us the quirky history of the Barrier islands and their importance to the coastline. The seaside village calls itself the “Flounder Capital of the World” so you know we will be checking that out too!


NOTE: If you’re a travel/tourist destination that promotes fishing, boating, dining, or eco-adventure and would like us to feature your area/product: Email us at

Have a safe, fun and fishing 4th of July!


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Solstice Moon 2016 JBOTV

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Solstice Moon Jim Baugh Outdoors Time Lapse

Filmed and edited by Jim Baugh for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2016 celestial navigation feature. Some of this footage will be used for the show. Production lasted a total of 28 days, over 350 hours of filming, and 56,000 photos for a finished video of 2 minutes 27 seconds. Additional production notes regarding cameras and settings will be posted on the Jim Baugh Outdoors Blog. Constellations and planets visible include Leo, Jupiter, the Big Dipper, Arcturus, Bootes, Spica, Mars, Saturn, Anteras, Scorpious , Libra, Virgo and the Milky Way. This project was filmed on the Lower Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay and Barrier Islands during late May and June 2016.

Special thanks goes of course to “Ms 11” for putting up with me this past month because have not had a lot of sleep. A big shout out also to the good Lord for giving me the perfect weather and filming conditions just when I needed it. Even the clouds showed up at the right time.


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