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Solstice Moon 2016 JBOTV

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Solstice Moon Jim Baugh Outdoors Time Lapse

Filmed and edited by Jim Baugh for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV 2016 celestial navigation feature. Some of this footage will be used for the show. Production lasted a total of 28 days, over 350 hours of filming, and 56,000 photos for a finished video of 2 minutes 27 seconds. Additional production notes regarding cameras and settings will be posted on the Jim Baugh Outdoors Blog. Constellations and planets visible include Leo, Jupiter, the Big Dipper, Arcturus, Bootes, Spica, Mars, Saturn, Anteras, Scorpious , Libra, Virgo and the Milky Way. This project was filmed on the Lower Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay and Barrier Islands during late May and June 2016.

Special thanks goes of course to “Ms 11” for putting up with me this past month because have not had a lot of sleep. A big shout out also to the good Lord for giving me the perfect weather and filming conditions just when I needed it. Even the clouds showed up at the right time.



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